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  • day 50: 2/19/12. farewell oregon, hello sickness..

    so today unfortunately was the last day of oregon :( we woke up, got breakfast, and went to the duck i packed my stuff up. we just hung out in the dorms for the morning and said my farewells to everyone, which was sad.

    we called a taxi to pick up me, jamie and katie and take us to the airport, which worked nicely. Eugene was pretty much the smallest airport, ever. and this time we were well equipped with snacks, which was great, the flight back was nice.. we all slept for a good portion of it. then, we got picked up by jamies parents and went back to her house! and then.. don jose’s. what a memory. the food was great. we went right before it closed, and then katie drove me home and we had great conversation and music and it was wonderful.

    then, at about 2 in the morning….. i woke up shivering and shaking uncontrollably. i threw up and was freezing, and i cursed don jose and their chicken quesadillas, but then the next morning i discovered that it was an allergic reaction. such a sad ending to a great weekend. but it was still SUCH a great weekend.

    day 49: 2/18/12. OREGONNNNN day 3.

    we woke up this morning with plans to go to emma’s rugby game :) so diana, stef, kevin sean and i all woke up and got ready to go grab some breakfast to go from the llc. We got really good food and were ready to eat while walking, when suddenly, there began a lovely oregon-style sudden downpour. like, serious downpour though. and considering that we had to walk a mile or two, with food, we all realized that we’d better chow down. so we ate our already-soggy waffles and drenched eggs and bacon and made our way over to the rugby field. it was definitely a moment to remember! so we watched the game. the weather was crazy.. super bipolar. and the game was really interesting, i had never seen rugby before. 

    The game ended, and then we walked over to the river and took some pictures. it was absolutely beautiful, especially when the clouds passed momentarily. We went back to the dorm to get ready to go into town! Shaina, Melissa and her boyfriend all joined us and we took the bus into downtown eugene. first order of business was voodoo donuts. they were AMAZING. we got a hand-picked dozen, where the guy picked the dozen out for us. after that, it was just shaina and diana and i and we walked around town and went to some weird stores! we ended up at a super fun thrift store with lolzy clothes. then eventually we went back to school.

    we got dinner, which was really good chicken parmigiana and spaghetti and garlic bread.. and then we went back to the dorm to get ready to go out! we went to a few frat parties which were disgusting but it was fun to hang with everyone. then we got back to the dorm, and ordered dough co and talked to everyone and stayed up late and diana did henna for me and it was a good night :)

    day 48: 2/17/12. OREGONNNN day 2.

    day 2! after sleeping in dianas bed together, which wasn’t bad, we woke up and grabbed breakfast at the llc. diana then gave me a lovely tour of campus, which was absolutely gorgeousssss. it’s a pretty large school, and everything about it was so beautiful. we walked around and she took me to the architecture building, where i met caroline and was amazed by the projects that the students do.

    we (well mostly i) took a tonnn of pictures today. we went to a lot of cool places, including the museum on campus and the cemetery, which is diana’s like fave place to go. thats where todays picture was taken! we sang lana del rey pretty much all day. then, we debated whether or not to go out with the hall that night, and decided again to just stay in that night. so we talked and hung out and attempted to half-watch pride and prejudice, until emma and stef and others got back. we then took some lolzy photobooth pictures. shaina, diana’s roommate, stayed with a friend that night, so i got my own bed. woohoo!

    day 46: 2/15/12. THE ELLENNNNNN SHOW!!!!!

    the title says it all. today was the ellen show day!!!!!!!!! the day andrea and i went to the ellen show! da elllennnn shoowwwwwwwww! can you tell we were so excited? cuz we were. i woke up and packed a little for oregon before we left, then she picked me up around noon. needless to say i ditched school, which was nice. we drove up in the rain, and went to get lunch. we just went to subway which was nearby, cuz we wanted to be early enough. so we got lunch, then went over to the studios.

    we checked in and waited till it was finally time to go in. they did the numbers randomly of who goes in first, but we happened to be in the first group with the VIP section, which was so great. we waited around till finally we got to go inside the riffraff room and wait in another line. it was a lot of waiting in lines, but then we finally went in! and lucky us… we got placed in the front row. it was so cool. tons of dancing, tons of energy and so much fun. the guests were kind of lame.. it was P Diddy and Kate Upton and some host of the bachelor or something. but obviously it was still great… it’s the ellen show and we had front row! they were super anal about taking pictures the whole time, which is why i have like none. so it ended, and we of course had to buy stuff from the store. i bought a mug and a tumbler cup, and we both bought ellen underwear. best decision.

    then after it was over, we drove over to this really cool cafe called Milk. i got mini red velvet cupcakes and a gooey chocolate cookie and andrea got blue velvet cake. we ate and killed some time there to avoid traffic before we drove home. then, i packed all night! woo.

    day 45: 2/14/12. valentinesssss

    today was the lovely valentines day aka my half birthday! woohoo. standard tuesday at school, then went into work for my last day before my oregon trip! alicia was there and so was devon, who had gone on a v-day date with lisa before she got there. also devon brought in these roses, which were cute. we had quite a few date reservations, but we survived singles awareness day quite well. after that, i went home and did homework. woo!

    day 44: 2/13/12. real life doritos commercial fail.

    today was a regular monday. i was dead from staying up the night before, but other than that it was a standard day. started with math, then katie and i went to the library and met frankie and jaclyn. we did some homework and i finished my english homework. then, frankie and i went to the vending machine to grab some doritos. the journey went south when we experienced a real life doritos commercial, when they got stuck. we shook and kicked the machine and all, and even tried buying something else to drop them down. didn’t work. GOOD. we both had to leave to go to class, so we left dorito-less. sad day.

    day 43: 2/12/12. cinderella.

    so this was a nice day! except for the fact that i was avoiding a large paper plus math homework -___- but i woke up, did some work, and then got ready to go see this ballet with my mom and one of our family friends. it was actually phenomenally done, although i do prefer musicals and plays that include some sort of dialogue and or singing. but it was a great show. we got home, and i wens straight to work back on all the crazy school stuff i had to catch up on!

    day 41: 2/10/12. no party for you!

    friiiday! math class as usual, yuck. then work, also as usual. we started our new troll friday schedule which now includes me, lisa and devzors. we worked normal friday timez, and then the three of us went to bjs! but also guess who was there! KELLIS! she was there with her family, so she came over and trolled with us for a bit. she was fun.

    i got a turkey burger which was so gewd, and lisa and dev split the avocado egg rolls. then, was pizookie time. the sole purpose for us being there. devon was determined to order a party pizookie, but the waiter convinced her that that was a ridiculous decision. and thank goodness. we got two regular ones, and the three of us died. so much cookie. but it was SO good. and so worth it.

    day 40: 2/9/12. dev to the rescue.

    today i went to school, then went to work afterwards as usual! it was a normal shift.. judy and scot were there for a little bit as well. but i knew we had a party of some women coming in at 7, and they had plans to bring wine. wine parties are always interesting, but i knew i could manage it.

    i was wrong. they came in so late, and by the time we even got started it was 8. on top of that, they had already drank some, and were planning to have more there. they didn’t have a party package, so they took forever. it would have been absolutely no problem, if it wasn’t so late! so once i realized i was so overwhelmed, i called devon to vent. she asked if i needed her to come and i said no, no, i’d be fine it would just be late. i reassured her i’d be fine, but had to abruptly hang up on her to help the ladies. they were building and i was just starting to pour, when suddenly in comes devon through the front door. and she’s holding yogurtland for me. she helped me pour the rest of the candles and close.. and thank goodness she did. i was so grateful that she came and helped, and the yogurtland was just so thoughtful. we got out of there pretty late too.. so it was definitely great that she came to help.

    day 39: 2/8/12. oldie photo editing.

    another wednesday! had math and english, and then came home. honestly this week has been an incredibly tough one, and it continued to be so today. distracted myself with some photo editing and good music. i talked to diana a little bit today which was nice. i really miss her, and can’t wait till i go to oregon to see her again!

    also, i ordered my new phone case today and i’m so excited for it. it was a design your own thing, so i put one of my pictures on it and i hope it turns out greattt

    day 38: 2/7/12. day 2 of horrible, and many canisters.

    as the title suggests, today was also a difficult day. but school was luckily more of a distraction today, and i had work as well. i got to work to see the lovely alicia, who stayed a little longer which was nice. i love that woman.

    we needed to replace/remake many of the canisters at work, so i spent almost the entire shift doing that. it was actually something i really enjoyed doing and i was super productive with it, so it was definitely good for keeping my mind occupied.

    day 37: 2/6/12. a yogurtland cheer-up.

    oh monday. mondays are never easy, but today was just even more horrible due to events from the previous night. i recall having a headache all day, and school was just lame as usual.. math and english. yuck. i honestly don’t remember how the rest of my day went, but at night Dev and i went to grab some yogoland, like we so often do.

    day 36: 2/5/12. Superbowling and the night i wish never happened.

    i’m really loving not working on sundays! it’s so relaxing, and gives me some time not only to sleep in, but to do homework or just do stuff around the house and such. i did my nails before mass today, with those sticker nail polish things. they worked, but not as well as i had hoped. oh well! 

    i went to church at 3 for rehearsal, and we sang mass as usual. then afterwards, we had our annual lifeteen night of bowling.. or Superbowling, rather, for superbowl sunday! it was a fun night. i got home to do homework though, and then the rest of my night went downhill with some not so fun events.

    day 35: 2/4/12. Veronese

    i slept in and woke up in time for my noon shift today. we had a few parties, and it was a fairly busy day. nothing too terrible though! once i was done, i gave devon a ride home and we made a car video. then, alyssa, andrea and i went to pick up jacob from school to go to this awesome cafe called veronese in downtown fullerton. it was a super cool place, and the environment was so cute. we took lotsa pictures and just hung out. i got a slice of cheesecake, and they all got coffee and such. it was nice. then we went to a nearby innout and got food, and had some lolz there till really late. we drove jacob back, and then went home.

    day 34: 2/3/12. wifey sam makes a candle!

    today was actually quite an eventful friday at work! nothing special before work though.. just a normal friday morning with dreadful math class. but i got in at 1:30 for my shift today, which is a little earlier than usual. i got to see devon a little before she left, then worked with lisa and steph whom i love! we had a lolzy troll friday shift… the best fridays are when working with these two! it happened to be mint day.. lisa had mint nail polish and was eating mint chip ice cream and we made seafoam wax shapes which is basically mint colored. then we were making wax shapes..enough to come out of our ears, literally! i took a picture of them with wax shapes coming out of their ears, it was great. ALSO… we succeeded in making an entire tray of wax shapes and pushed them all without breaking the whole sheet of wax. IT WAS A GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT.

    Then, Sam was home from school so she came and made a candle! she made a really cute short heart that was garden themed and she loved it, and it was so good to see her!

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