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  • day 41: 2/10/12. no party for you!

    friiiday! math class as usual, yuck. then work, also as usual. we started our new troll friday schedule which now includes me, lisa and devzors. we worked normal friday timez, and then the three of us went to bjs! but also guess who was there! KELLIS! she was there with her family, so she came over and trolled with us for a bit. she was fun.

    i got a turkey burger which was so gewd, and lisa and dev split the avocado egg rolls. then, was pizookie time. the sole purpose for us being there. devon was determined to order a party pizookie, but the waiter convinced her that that was a ridiculous decision. and thank goodness. we got two regular ones, and the three of us died. so much cookie. but it was SO good. and so worth it.

    day 34: 2/3/12. wifey sam makes a candle!

    today was actually quite an eventful friday at work! nothing special before work though.. just a normal friday morning with dreadful math class. but i got in at 1:30 for my shift today, which is a little earlier than usual. i got to see devon a little before she left, then worked with lisa and steph whom i love! we had a lolzy troll friday shift… the best fridays are when working with these two! it happened to be mint day.. lisa had mint nail polish and was eating mint chip ice cream and we made seafoam wax shapes which is basically mint colored. then we were making wax shapes..enough to come out of our ears, literally! i took a picture of them with wax shapes coming out of their ears, it was great. ALSO… we succeeded in making an entire tray of wax shapes and pushed them all without breaking the whole sheet of wax. IT WAS A GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT.

    Then, Sam was home from school so she came and made a candle! she made a really cute short heart that was garden themed and she loved it, and it was so good to see her!

    day 28: 1/28/12: farewell kellis, pei wei, cha, facetime.

    lots happened todayyy! i went to work… and it was kellis’ last real day, so we were sad :( shown is the sad bye forever picture of kellis and me. lisa and i left at the same time, and went to skinfood before we went to pei wei in the district to have some din! it was deelish and we were both excited to actually have time to hang out. yay!. then we both went home. daniel was home this weekend, so he picked me up and we drove over to cha for tea where we ran into lauren and austin! we all sat together and hung out for a few hours, then daniel and i left and met up with alyssa and andrea at innout. eventually we all left, and  i finally went home after a long day. at about 1 am though, sasha facetimed me from spain! yayyy. it was so good to talk to her and she showed me where she’s staying and everything and it was really nice.

    day 24: 1/24/12. puppy yogurtland date!

    today was lovely. i had a nice morning.. slept in, did stuff around the house.. then i got to work around 3:30 and passed shifts with dev. it was a productive shift filled with wax shape making! woo. then i met up with these lovely ladies whom i love at yogurtlanddd! kellis and devzors decided to bring their puppies too! dev brought bananer, cute as always and non-trusting of anyone but devon… and kellis brought awkward wallace <3 and another little puppy (if you can even call it that) named petal/flower. we had an adorable fun night of yogurtland, puppies and lolz, in honor of the last time we would see sasha before she left :( it was a teary-eyed farewell, but we were all so excited that we got to spend time with her again before she left. a good night, indeed.

    day 21: 1/21/12. Smash’s last day at work/party madness/spectrum dates/TICKET?

    I came in to work today at 11:30.. earlier than usual because it was a party madness dayyy! 3 back-to-back parties with no space in between.. at the same time a reservation in the morning and another party later at night. in addition, of course, to candlemakers. but, today was also sasha’s last day at work before she leaves :(  it was a sad day, but not really because it was too busy to be sad and also we just had fun. we took this picture on self timer….. the first is the original, the second is how it should be. heh. i just love this group of trolls so much… and we’re gonna miss sasha like no other.

    towards the end of my shift, sasha decided she wanted to take a break. so i went with her to walk around the spec, and while we were walking my friends called me and told me they were gonna come to the spectrum to hang out. so we just went back to work and i hung out there a little longer until they met me there. Jacob and Alyssa met me in the store and we walked over to urban and looked around. then Andrea met us, and we went to subway and veggie grill and then rubios in the food court. then we went to coffee bean, and hung out there till around 11:45. we all walked to our cars and left.

    I was on my way home and it was about midnight. I was turning right on a major intersection to go home, when suddenly i see a cop on the other side of the road make a U-turn and follow me. long story short, she gave me a ticket for not stopping at the red light before making a right turn. So i drive home and i’m on the phone with alyssa on speaker, soooo angry. it happened so fast so i didn’t even remember what happened, which made it even more upsetting. i hung up on alyssa after a few minutes, and start to call andrea when suddenly i see the police car in my rearview mirror, parked behind me at my house. i flipped out and hung up, and then opened my door. she came over and told me that she was wrong, and when she drove back she realized that there had been a green light for the right turn, which she couldn’t see from her angle! basically, she reversed the ticket and took it back. i was SOOOO incredibly grateful…. when does that happen ever?! so it was quite an eventful night… and quite an interesting experience.

    day 19: 1/19/12. Coworker Dinnah: bye smasha and kellis! :(

    Today was a normal day, and i worked a regular thursday shift. It was pretty slow, but I kept busy and around 8 or so Steph came in after closing in Laguna to help me close/hang out before our dinner. We closed together and met the rest of the girls at CPK around 9:15 for our coworker dinner, this one in honor of Sasha leaving for Spain and Kellis getting a new job working at an animal hospital… yay! but also sad for us. We had the usual fun trolly dinner.. all of us ordered some form of BBQ chicken or hawaiian pizza, coincidentally.

    then once we were starting to finish, our server came over and told us that someone had paid for dessert for us! She told us that Peggy wanted to buy us a few things…… and we were so confused until we realized DANA. biggest troll but so much love. so here’s all of us with our desserts from peggy <3

    After dinner we had our usual picture fest and then all piled into devon’s car. she dropped everyone who drove off to their cars, but drove kellis, lisa and i home.